What Do People Put In Their Nightstands? | Nightstand Essentials for an Easy Evening Routine and a Great Night’s Sleep!

I don’t know why but the topic of what people store in their nightstands really fascinates me. Weird? Maybe. So here is a post on my top products to store in your nightstand to promote restful sleep, healthy skin and a damn good night!

I have a Hemnes nightstand from Ikea with two drawers. They are roomy!

What to keep in my nightstand? | Nightstand essentials for a good evening routine and a great night’s sleep!

I keep the stuff I want to remember to use every night in my nightsand.

Weleda Skin Food - I use this to moisturize my lips, neck and chest, and tattoos.

Bag Balm - This stuff is the best for dry, cracked heels. Ya girl got some dry heels! Especially in the summer. They sometimes are so bad they crack and send pain up to my eyeballs. Not to be dramatic. This stuff works amazing.

Baby Wipes- I keep baby wipes in my nightstand to wipe off my feet before bed! because it feels weird to me to get into bed with dirty feet AND it feels gross to moisturize my feet with dirt on them. I’m not the type of person to wash my feet in the bathtub or take a shower every night. That seems way out of my league effort-wise! I just toss the dirty wipe on my nightstand and throw it away the next day.

Makeup wipes - I’ve used a lot of wipes in my life and most of them irritate my skin. I’ve found that these Target brand evening calm makeup wipes to work well for me and do not make my skin redder or break me out!  In the RARE chance I don’t do my normal skin care routine (seriously not to sound elitist, but it rarely happens that I don’t wash my face! haha!) I have makeup wipes in my nightstand as a last resort. If you struggle washing your face at night consistently, first of all read my Night TIme Skin Care routine post. Second of all, take a baby step and put some makeup removing wipes in your nightstand!

What to keep in my nightstand? | Nightstand essentials for a good evening routine and a great night’s sleep!

Aria Diffuser- Literally the BEST diffuser I’ve ever used. It’s so good. There are so many diffusers on the market and truth be told I think a LOT of them are ugly. Big opportunity here, designers! This one is by far the prettiest and best working one I have tried :) Dan and I watch TV in bed almost every night, and I have this going-- Netflix + Lavender is the new Netflix + Chill. TRY IT and thank me later :) baha!It’s quiet, calming and the mist is far reaching. When I have it going in my living room, the entire downstairs of my house smells soooo good. You can purchase it at wholesale prices with a super generous starter kit of some of the best and most versatile essential oils here.

Water Bottle - Incase I need to fill up my diffuser and don’t want to go to the bathroom that is ten steps away for water. But MOST of the time this dang thing is empty so I have to anyway.

Phillips Wake Up clock- Technically this clock is ON my nightstand and not in it, but I can’t not mention it! I got this when I lived in Seattle and the sun rarely showed its sweet face. Did you know it gets dark at like 3:45pm sometimes in the PNW? It’s horrible. And inspired me to get this clock because I never felt like I could drag myself out of bed!  It is the most calming way to wake up! I LOVE IT. My mother-in-law got it for me for Christmas a few years ago (thank you Amazon wish lists!) and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s like waking up to a sunrise smiling at you. I wake up to the sunrise simulation AND chirping bird sounds as a back up :) But usually I wake up before the simulation is even over. It’s magic, I tell ya. It’s also a great night light (I can fall asleep with it on, it’s so adjustable and warm toned!) -- Dan will turn it on for me if I’m coming home late so I don’t have to walk into a pitch black dark room. Anyway can’t say enough good things about it!

Woo Play - Just started using this and I’m definitely a fan. It’s gooooood. Can’t say more because I’m already blushing omg. Just try it!

Bottom Drawer- I usually keep my Ipad, apple pencil, charger and laptop if I’m ever working in bed. They all kinda migrate around the house so sometimes this drawer is rather empty. If you’ve made it to the end of this post I’ll give you a secret. I also keep this strange looking thing in my bottom drawer and it’s really amazing if you get tender boobs on your period, just sayin. Also helps prevents chest wrinkles if you’re a side sleeper. It’s like, pretty funny. AnBut seriously comfortable. Well-endowed babes, I gotchu.

I charge my phone downstairs in my kitchen. I hate having a nightstand light because I’m usually too tired to turn it off when I’m ready to sleep, so I don’t have one. I leave that responsibility to Dan :)

What about you? What do you keep in your nightstand?




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